Hello babes!

Chrissa Sparkles here, and I want to welcome you to my cute little shoppe! 

I've been creating and designing pieces for a very long time, and I've slowly mustered up the courage to create my own pieces. I've dabbled with the idea of making pom pom earrings because I wear them ALL the time, but I haven't seen any that really spoke to my style and personality. I finally had the guts to do it, thanks to my cat, Dottie - which is why they're named after her. 

For those who've been following my Instagram and Facebook pages closely, my little girl Dottie Sparkles has suddenly become ill. We adopted her last year and as a cat who has become Jon and I's lovechild, we need to do whatever it takes to keep her healthy. These earrings are just a healthy reminder for myself that we must always stay cute through the hardest of times, and my little Dottie reminds me of that every single day. I hope they do the same for you!

Stay Cute! -Chrissa Sparkles <3