About Chrissa Sparkles


Created in 2016 by Chrissa, a Filipino LA-native fashion designer, this slow-fashion brand will not only put a smile on your face but will also make you feel your cutest! Think of the TV fashion icons of the 90’s - The Nanny, Ashley Banks, Kelly Kapowski. Combined with the epitome of a 90’s girl - Barbie dolls, stickers, and pastel trapper keepers. From pink puff sleeve dresses to pastel retro prints, each of the statement pieces are curated to bring out the best version of you. With sizes from XS up to 4X, Chrissa Sparkles strives to be accessible and inclusive for as many as possible, one pink dress at a time. Every drop sells out in minutes as hundreds of cute babes from around the world anxiously await her limited releases, in hopes to add a little more magic into the world.